It is not hard to clean the ceramic tiles in your shower from soap scum, etc. It's a little more difficult to clean natural stone if it was not sealed properly (and it should have been). The difficulty comes in cleaning the grout. Unless you have the newer epoxy grout, it will be made of Portland cement, which is porous and collects deep grime over the years, if not sealed. Because of the difficulty in knowing how long it will take, we must do these jobs on an hourly bases plus the cost of materials.

Soap Scum:  There are many product on the market that claim to clean soap scum and do a pretty good job. But, I have not found one that cleans without some elbow grease. The thing about soap scum is that it has built up layers, and will need a little scrubbing to get it clean (elbow grease is not a product). If it has really accumulated, you may need to use a razor blade type scrapper to get rid of the thicker layers. Then a little elbow grease.

Grout:  Grout (not epoxy grout) is made of Portland cement with colorants added and is porous and in some cases (depending on the type dirt and grime) you cannot get it deep cleaned. We have the best product on the market that cannot be purchased at your local hardware store, which is a safer alternative to the traditional harsh acids. But, even with this or any acid cleaner you may chose to use, you cannot get the deep ground in grime that occurs over many years. But, it's not the end of the world, YET.  You would think, "I'll just re-grout". This is possible and I have done this, but it is very costly and labor intensive. Cement continues to harden over the years and an old shower or bathroom floor, could be very difficult to re-grout. But, there is a fairly new product on the market that seals and colors your grout line. This will allow you to change grout color or renew the original color, and it seals at the same time.


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